Boys' Program

Project LIFT

Project LIFT’s primary mission is to invest in the lives of at-risk male teens ages 14-19. The boy's program offers hope for members struggling with substance abuse, lack of support and academic failures. At no cost to members, the program offers mental health/substance abuse therapy, vocational skills training and mentoring. Licensed therapists and skilled volunteers work to help them replace negative behaviors with self-esteem, skill development and positive goals for the future.


Girls' Program


The girls' program is dedicated to the recovery of female teens who have experienced trauma and adversity. We provide members with trauma-informed therapy, personal wellness and life-skill workshops, career training, and community service opportunities. Licensed therapists and professional mentors strive to empower each member to recover from their past, live happily in the present, and have hope for a positive future.

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Our 14 Week Programs Offer Teens:

Mental Health Therapy

Members are provided with trauma-informed and substance abuse counseling through individual and group therapy with licensed psychotherapists.   

Vocational Skills Training

Members choose from a variety of trades to learn hands-on about potential career pathways and skill-sets. Professional trade instructors are available in the areas of: boat building and restoration, auto-mechanics, carpentry, welding, agriculture, screen printing and sublimation, sewing, upholstery, bicycle mechanics, instrument repair and refurbishing, electrical work, plumbing and graphic design. 

Life-Skills Development

We provide members with workshops in the areas of career preparation, psycho-education awareness, and health and wellness.  Local businesses and college tours are also provided off-site. 

Service Learning

Members have the opportunity to donate cars, bicycles, and garden produce to needy families in the community and become involved in local off-site service projects and events.


Our professional mentors provide guidance and support for members in the areas of career-pathways, education, and overall well-being.

 Transportation and a family-style meal are also included for each teen.

If you're interested in becoming a member, please call us at (772) 221-2244


Pathway Academy of Innovation 

With Summit Education Group, Project Lift is now offering an alternative high-school education experience for teens in our community.  The program offers students a full-time vocational apprenticeship of their choice while they complete their high-school degree on site at Project Lift. The high-school curriculum is recognized by AdvancED, a Nationally Accredited Institution that's ranked in the top 1 percentile of alternative high-school programs in the nation.

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2018!


Belle glade location

From Left: Bob Zaccheo, CEO, Raquel Lumia, LMHC, Adam Jolly, Program Director and Damien Davis, Program Coordinator

From Left: Bob Zaccheo, CEO, Raquel Lumia, LMHC, Adam Jolly, Program Director and Damien Davis, Program Coordinator

Since 2010, Project LIFT Martin County has modeled the  success of an innovative and creative approach to juvenile delinquency. We have worked diligently to provide a program that would be scalable to work in some of the most difficult geographic’s in the country including Belle Glade.

Located in western Palm Beach County, Belle Glade has one of the higher rates of people living in poverty in the nation, with 35.87% of its population below the federal poverty line and a high crime rate - top 4% of the country.

Our intended purpose is offering teens alternative options to traditional treatment specifically through the introduction of vocational skills – as a key to “opening up” and participating in substance abuse therapy.  We provide intensive 14 week sessions and continued after-care with small groups of teens ages 14-19 who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, academic failure, or delinquency.  In these sessions, we combine occupational and service industry skills, job readiness, job placement, mentoring, tutoring, skill development, and substance abuse treatment in group and individual sessions, providing both intervention and prevention for these at-risk teens.

Our key staff are supported by dedicated volunteers and mentors from the Belle Glade community.  Thanks to community volunteers and mentors our teens learn new skills like screen printing, small engine repair, carpentry, barber shop skills and more –earning a small stipend, while participating in evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interview Therapy.

Project LIFT Belle Glade’s success has come from the visionary insight of our initial funders such as Impact the Palm Beaches, Sheriff’s Office of Palm Beach and several Family Foundations. These funders are invited to visit and work with our young men on site to see first-hand the ever present effect this program has on the Belle Glade community.

In addition to serving at-risk teenagers, utilizing the two generational approach (2Gen), Project LIFT Belle Glade will be reaching hundreds of people in the low to moderate income populations.

"We have been working with the Belle Glade leaders over the past year. It is vitally important to the success of the program to be embraced by the community," says Bob Zaccheo, Executive Director.

Dunnellon, marion county

Over the past eight years Project LIFT has provided problem solving and innovative approaches to juvenile delinquency to the Martin County at-risk teens.  We have worked diligently to provide an approach to substance abuse, mental health and juvenile delinquency that would be scalable for other geographical areas in our state and country.  After hearing of Project LIFT successes, the Mayor of Dunnellon reached out to Project LIFT requesting we open a facility in Marion County.

The need for help is great in Marion County with one of the highest school drop-out rates in the state.  Juvenile delinquency and substance abuse is also among the highest in the state.  With the help of a prominent anonymous donor, working through the United Way of Marion County, Project LIFT purchased a building to house the program.  The building has been renovated and staff has been trained at the main Project LIFT facility in Palm City.

Working with several service providers and the juvenile court systems for referrals, we have been enrolling young men into Project LIFT who have dropped out of high school.  Working through our Pathway Academy of Innovation, we are assisting teenagers to earn their high school diploma through this on-line program.  The teens also receive job training in a vocational skill to prepare for the work force.

The Dunnellon Team!

The Dunnellon Team!